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Welcome to InvestReady

We’ve worked hard in order to put together an unforgettable event for our attendees. Explore the site for all the information you need, and let us know if you have any questions.

No upcoming events at the moment

InvestReady brings together founders and investors to learn the fundamentals of a partnership between a start-up and business angels.


In 4 workshops you will receive 500 minutes of practical education, and our goal is to help you acquire the most important concepts so you can have a comfortable conversation regarding making or receiving investments. 


We made the program practical, digestible, fast, by sharing stories and engaging a community to learn together.


Guest speakers confirmed for joining the workshops and sharing their experiences are Bogdan NafornitaMalin Stefanescu and Catalin Grigorescu.


The program will be offered live, offline, in a location in Bucharest City Center/North Area to be communicated to confirmed participants.*

Program Details:


Workshop 01 - Setting the Stage

21.11.2022, Hours 16:30 - 18:30

We discuss all about venture capital's risk/return, growth rounds, access and liquidity.

Speakers - Ilinca Paun


Workshop 02 - The Real Deal

24.11.2022, Hours 16:30 - 18:30

We discuss when best to raise funds, good/bad pitches, what triggers a great deal, what really matters.

Speakers - Nina Bratfalean


Workshop 03 - Behind the Scenes

28.11.2022, Hours 16:30 - 18:30

We discuss more in depth the legal aspects, cap tables, dilution, forms of funding, term sheet.

Speakers - Ana Maria Andronic


Workshop 04 - Show Time

08.12.2022, Hours 16:30-18:30

We create a panel of experienced investors and female founders to share case studies and to answer your questions.  Speakers - Bravva Angels & Guests


The program will be offered in English if we have foreign speaking guests and attendees.

*In the case of not being able to attend all sessions, please let us know and will create a suitable solution for acquiring the knowledge.

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